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2010 had been one of the most blessed years in my life. I started the year by telling God that I want to stay focused and pursue HIM alone.  I want to enjoy your presence every minute in my life. Did that happen? Yes, to some extent I was able to enjoy my resolution. Many of us start our New Year with lot of resolutions. But when we look back did we really fulfill all of them.  We might say that “I really mean it this year” but what happens on the way?

On the way we see many distractions, obstacles, hindrances, problems that come to destroy our walk with the Lord. Psalms 66:12 says “…we went through fire and through water, But You brought us out to rich fulfillment.” Hold on to this word of God. What ever situation you are in God will bring you out to rich fulfillment. By God’s rich grace you have the power to stay focused on God. Don’t forfeit or drop your resolutions. You can change your situation whenever you realize that you are going off track. Always remember God’s plans are good in our life. He is committed to see us through. Phil 1:6 says “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.

Isn’t he committed to see us through the end? So be confident in the Lord. It doesn’t matter what goes wrong around you but be sure that God will finish it for you. God is committed to build your future, career, finance, health, marriage and much more. Did God start something in you? I promise you HE will never leave it and go. In Ps 138:8 David says like this, “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me”. The key is having a relationship with HIM.

I pray that as you end this year and enter into a new year all the darkness will roll back from every issue in your life, like clouds being pushed across the sky by a strong wind. Our God can do that for you. He will bring you grace. He will watch over you.

Psalms 59:16 “But I will sing of your power, Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning. For You have been my defense and refuge in the day of my trouble.”

Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous New Year.

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