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A few months ago my husband gifted me a mac-book pro. As I was exploring all the applications in the computer, I came across an application called FaceTime. The name itself sounded interesting.

Through FaceTime we can communicate with anyone who has a FaceTime on their machine. But unlike Yahoo Messenger or Skype we don’t have an option to type or to voice chat. In FaceTime we can only see the person on the other end and talk with them.

facetime with Jesus

The connection we gain through these video conversations are profound. We read each others expressions. We can see if they are are happy, sad or moody.

From the beginning facial communication is recorded in the Bible.  In Gen 4:5 we see that Cain’s countenance fell and God saw that and asked him. Our faces are the communication link through which our relationships can be sustained.

Face to face communication is a valuable tool for building healthy relationships. Sadly this is what we are missing in our personal and spiritual life as well. Today we get very busy to take time to sit down and make time to fellowship. It’s important that we make a commitment to invest in our face to face relationships.

Switch off those TV’s or computers, talk to your family members face to face everyday. Share your feelings, your moods, and everything you go through. Look into their eyes. Let’s give our undivided attention to each other.

Next our most important personal contact is with God. He is the One we need to have “Face Time” the most. Numbers 6:24-26 says ” The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace“. And that happens when we seek His face.

We need God’s favor, His guidance, His providence, His face to shine on us, but the question is how much are we seeking His face as well?

Let’s be a generation who seek His face daily and going to Him in heartfelt prayer. Let’s seek His face by talking to Him on a daily basis.

Are you having a face time with the lover of your soul?


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