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Jesus Lover!

“Welcome to my online home. The greatest joy of my life is to serve Jesus as a Pastor of HRC Tamil and Revive Nations alongside my husband Wilson and daughter Michelle. I hope you enjoy these resources and connect with me online.”


Position to Fit the Plan of God

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (Jeremiah 29:11 MSG)

Have you ever lost anything significant in your lives? read more…

Alone, But Not Lonely

Few days ago I traveled in India, in a train from Chennai to Bangalore, to attend a beautiful wedding and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revive Nations (formerly known as SMMinistries).

As the train started to move, I suddenly felt alone, mainly because I did not have a connection in my mobile phone. That is when God reminded me of the verse in read more…

A Face-Time Generation

A few months ago my husband gifted me a mac-book pro. As I was exploring all the applications in the computer, I came across an application called FaceTime. The name itself sounded interesting.

Through FaceTime we can communicate with anyone who has a FaceTime on their machine. But unlike Yahoo Messenger or Skype we don’t have an option to type or to voice chat. In FaceTime we can only see the person on the other end and talk with them.

facetime with Jesus

The connection we gain through these video conversations are profound. We read each others expressions. We can see if they are are happy, sad or moody. read more…


Two weeks ago as I was cleaning my house, I didn’t notice the soapy water which was on the floor. I slipped and had a great fall. I flew like spider man. I was alone in the house during that time. Though it was very painful I had to be brave and strong.  I crawled out of the water and I was sure that my bones were broken.

But I kept telling ‘All is well’.  I picked up the phone to call my husband and as soon as I heard his voice I became weak. I felt the pain and was crying Ouch! Ouch! Its paining. read more…

Are You Feeling Rejected?

In every phase of life we go through some kind of rejection. It may be from your parents, boss, friends or even colleagues. A child feels rejected when their parents are divorced. They feel more rejected when their parents get married again.

I have a student who is 15 years old now and going through rejection because his parents got married again. read more…

Passionate and Desperate Prayer

We seldom see people praying passionately and desperately. People who pray this way have been stripped of their confidence in their self, their concern about the opinions of others and their pride.  Hannah was a women who prayed like this. When she came to the temple and poured out all her frustrations, she appeared drunk. Even the priest did not recognize the passionate and desperate prayer. (1 Samuel 1:12-14)

Last week I was going through the same situation. I had no other choice except to look to God for an answer. read more…

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