A Face-Time Generation

A few months ago my husband gifted me a mac-book pro. As I was exploring all the applications in the computer, I came across an application called FaceTime. The name itself sounded interesting.

Through FaceTime we can communicate with anyone who has a FaceTime on their machine. But unlike Yahoo Messenger or Skype we don’t have an option to type or to voice chat. In FaceTime we can only see the person on the other end and talk with them.

facetime with Jesus

The connection we gain through these video conversations are profound. We read each others expressions. We can see if they are are happy, sad or moody. Read more


Two weeks ago as I was cleaning my house, I didn’t notice the soapy water which was on the floor. I slipped and had a great fall. I flew like spider man. I was alone in the house during that time. Though it was very painful I had to be brave and strong.  I crawled out of the water and I was sure that my bones were broken.

But I kept telling ‘All is well’.  I picked up the phone to call my husband and as soon as I heard his voice I became weak. I felt the pain and was crying Ouch! Ouch! Its paining. Read more

Passionate and Desperate Prayer

We seldom see people praying passionately and desperately. People who pray this way have been stripped of their confidence in their self, their concern about the opinions of others and their pride.  Hannah was a women who prayed like this. When she came to the temple and poured out all her frustrations, she appeared drunk. Even the priest did not recognize the passionate and desperate prayer. (1 Samuel 1:12-14)

Last week I was going through the same situation. I had no other choice except to look to God for an answer. Read more

You Are Beautiful in God’s Eyes

God has made you exactly the person He wants you to be. He has made you beautiful in His eyes and crowned you with glory and honor. (Psalms 8:4-5) I was so encouraged reading this verse. Two days ago I was talking with a girl who was so upset by the way she looks. She was blaming God for who she is. Because of this she started dressing in a way that she can attract others.  🙁

Be happy with how God has created you. Don’t try to change just because someone else didn’t like the way you look. The Bible says “I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works” Psalms 139:14. Another person can never make you to be as good as what God has made. Read more

Speaking God’s Language

Speaking God's LanguageHave you noticed that men and women have different ways of expression. Women tend to be more expressive but men generally tend to use few words only. They prefer to stick to their computers, newspaper, TV or others.

In the first few years of our marriage we tend to learn each others way of communication. After which we take it a bit more easier. Sometimes we may say something but our spouse understands it in a different way leading to arguments.
Read more

God’s Commitment

2010 had been one of the most blessed years in my life. I started the year by telling God that I want to stay focused and pursue HIM alone.  I want to enjoy your presence every minute in my life. Did that happen? Yes, to some extent I was able to enjoy my resolution. Many of us start our New Year with lot of resolutions. But when we look back did we really fulfill all of them.  We might say that “I really mean it this year” but what happens on the way? Read more