My Story!!

This is my first blog and I am excited about it. Hope you would enjoy reading it.

Though I was born and brought up in a God fearing Christian family, I did not taste the love and the presence of God in my life.

Few years ago a young Evangelist Shyju Mathew, came to our church and preached about pursuing the presence of God. The message penetrated deep into my heart and since then I started to hunger and thirst after His presence. He prophesied and said that God has called my family to proclaim His Word. I did not take it seriously and ever since God has been confirming the same word through many people over the years.

When I was in my fifth grade, I got to participate in a public speaking competition in which I got the first prize as my mother trained me well for it. Yet I decided I will never speak in public again because it felt as the most difficult thing for me to do.

But when the love of God touched me I had to surrender to His will. As an obedience to the calling of God I began sharing the gospel to people in my place. Ever since I was honored to minister in couple of places in Malaysia itself. But three months ago I received a call from a pastor in India. He invited me to preach in a women’s conference in Gulbarga. Even though I’ve shared before, I freaked out with that invitation as it was the first time I was invited just to preach in another country for two days. I had not heard about that place either.

As an excuse, I told him that I will discuss with my husband and let him know. I wished to find my husband in a bad mood so I could tell him about this opportunity and I hoped he’d say no. (But did not find such moment) And as soon as I told him about the invitation he was so excited and asked me to book the ticket immediately. So I did not have any choice but to accept the invitation.

Interestingly, till the day I left Malaysia I was filled with fear and my mind was blank. It was four hours to India and
then 12hours by train to Gulbarga. Before leaving to the railway station Brother Shyju prayed and immediately felt a burden being lifted out from me and the peace of God filled me. I just told one thing to God, “Lord let me hide behind you” and God was faithful to cover me.

The meeting was wonderful. God moved mightily in that place. The place was filled with the presence of God, and I saw the lives of women changed. People were in tears when they felt the awesome love of God enveloping them. I realized that God does not work on how much I pray or fast, it is just because of His grace and mercy upon our lives. Each one of us is so precious in His sight.

Friends, God wants us to come to a place of total surrender. God will meet us at the place of helplessness. Let go and let God take full control of your lives. Rest in His love. I’m glad you could read my first blog. I’m hoping to blog more often. Thank you for your prayers.

29 thoughts on “My Story!!”

  1. Dear Nima
    I am so blessed by your testimony and to see what the Lord is doing thru an available vessel like you.Being called as His fellow worker is no ordinary thing.The best is yet to come..NIma.Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory my precious sister. Sooooo proud of you.Meghala

  2. Nima,

    What a beautiful testimony..It was truly a blessing to read about what God can do with us, when we are available..you inspire me!

    I cant wait to read more about your adventures with Jesus…



  3. Am having so much problems in my life such as work..cant stick at one place..just gone for an interview..hopefully i will get through..the result will be coming anytime now..and too my financial problems…please pray for me Akka…thanks alot.. God Bless…

    1. Dear Susan,
      Stay focused on God. As you walk with HIM, He will help you to overcome all these problems in life and you will come out victoriously.
      I will surely pray for you.
      Be blessed

  4. Dear Sister,

    Praise the Lord – it is really encouraging when someone makes that first attempt and blesses so many hearts just as u hv blessed ours. May the Lord use you to ink more nuggets that he inspires you through His Holy Spirit and may He use you not only as an international speaker but also as a writer, so that the Word of God will be spread. Blessings!!!!

  5. Am really encouraged by ur story sister! God bless you for sharing. May He continue to use you and guide you for His glory!

  6. God will honor those who honor him. Keep it up Sis Nima.
    We are seeing God’s hand upon you and seeing Him lifting you from glory to glory by His grace is a testimony of yielded spirit to the Lord itself. I still remember Mary’s respond to God’s calling in her life in Luke 1:38- “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word”. You have responded to His calling and God will continuously bless you and your family now and forever. Praise God! Amen

  7. Wow Chechi…….Your testimony inspired me a lot……..Can relate to some of the incidents……Were you an introvert that you decided not to speak in public again after,the competition ?

    May The Good Lord Bless You & Use you more and more for HIS Glory !!!!

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